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Selida is an HTML editor with many useful functions and templates
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Selida is a powerful HTML editor. The main window includes the HTML editor, preview window and the toolbox. Besides the default viewing mode, there are 2 more ways you can utilize: design mode and full preview mode. You can shift between them at any time.
Selida has many functions that make the program a great option to work with. One of them is the "Autocomplete" function that suggests tags and attributes just by using some keystrokes. The “Tool box” allows you to utilize some templates and page/site wizards. Other functions are: open a document directly from the web and save it to the web or directly to the hard drive, quickly insert images, utilize macros for certain text that you use more often, convert character code into normal characters, and "undo/redo" that allows remembering up to 1000 steps back.
In the option window there are many options that can be set for startup, browser list, editor and automatic features. It has a table wizard that automatically inserts tables. Finally, the insert list feature allows you to insert dialogue boxes.

Roberto Jimenez
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